Update 0: An Introduction

Dear reader, welcome to the CRPG Book Project!

The idea for the project arose in January 2014, when I organized a voting for “Top RPGs” at the RPG Codex forums. More than 250 users from all around the internet voted, and we published an elaborate Top 70 RPGs list, complete with screenshots and reviews.

The feedback was great, but a lot of people complained about the lack of older games, as well of the forum users’ bias towards the more hardcore RPGs. So I decided to expand the list and explore the entire history and range of RPGs, this time in chronological order and with reviews from both fans and developers.

And thus the CRPG Book Project was born.

It will be a book covering more than 300 RPGs, from the early mainframe games to this day, with large screenshots, interesting reviews and insightful articles on this beloved genre. Plus some extra content, such as a cover gallery, the history of some key companies of the past, an overview of MMORPGs, MUDs, RPG Maker games, fan-translations and much more.

And it will be free.

I’ll release an e-book for everyone to download, and plan to later make a colored paperback version to be sold at production price (likely via Amazon’s CreateSpace).

It’s been almost 6 months now since I first started to prototype it, and a lot of things I never dreamed of have happened. People everywhere have given their support, helping in any way they could – including donating the art for the cover. Many developers, such as Chris Avellone and Tim Cain, have written about their favorite games, I’ve interviewed others such as Warren Spector, debated “what’s an RPG?” with fans and modders all over the world, and even contacted two legends from the CGW magazine, Scorpia and Johnny L Wilson, who kindly agreed to help.

As a boy who grew up in rural Brazil, reading months-old imported CGW & PC Gamer magazines and with no stable internet access until 2005, this is mind-blowing.

Now that I have finally forced myself to be professional and put together this website, I’ll do my best to post regular updates on the progress of the book, together with some previews and rant articles about the RPG genre.

If you want to help, here’s a list of the games currently in the book. If you see an unassigned game that you would like to write about, think we’re missing a great RPG or would just like to chat, please email me.

And most of all, thanks a lot for your interest! I hope I can make something worthy of the fantastic support I’ve been receiving.​


3 thoughts on “Update 0: An Introduction

  1. Looking at the screenshots I assume the book will be available in PDF format. The thing is, PDF is great for print or 10″ tablet but on 6″ e-paper reader it will be pretty useless. Do You have any plans to release Your book in more dynamic format like EPUB or MOBI? I have some experience with the latter so if You’ll need any help with it, let me know.

    You can find an sample of my work here:


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