Update 3: Alpha Release!


I’ll keep this one short: The first public release of the book is out, a 100-page preview featuring 36 reviews, many articles, a working bookmark thingie, countless grammar errors and nonsense like calling the preview of a book an “alpha build”. 😀

Grab it here:

And please, share any feedback you might have. I got a thick skin, I can handle it. 😉

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a great 2015 for everyone!

6 thoughts on “Update 3: Alpha Release!

  1. Can’t believe this doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. Just read a few pages and I’m having a blast. Easy to navigate layout that focus on the main text with a few nicely sprinkle screenshot for every game. Really looking forward to the whole book!


    • Thanks for the support. 🙂

      And yeah, getting media attention is a huge issue that I’ve been battling since day-one. I’ve contacted as many websites I could find these last days, I hope that at least one picks up the story. It would help me a lot to reach more people and find more more contributors.

      Regardless, the book will be done, no matter what! It might just take longer than I originally expected…


  2. Hi

    Just want to say that I’ve started reading your book. It looks brilliant and well executed. I strongly urge you to continue with this project because, when the book comes out, it will become a work of reference in videogaming history.

    May you have an excellent 2015


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