History vs. Hype – Debating gaming history at Gamasutra

Last year I posted an article on Gamasutra about the sad state of gaming history. Named “Amnesiac Heroes: Why are we abandoning gaming history?, it talked about my experiences researching historical data for the book, the challenges and disappointments.

It had a great reception, becoming Gamasutra’s Featured Post and generating a lot of debate in the comment sections, and is still getting occasionally tweeted, meaning that hopefully I’ve said something interesting.

So after a few recent events, I’ve decided to revisit the subject, this time talking about how the hype machine of the industry works against its own history. It’s called “The Ministry of Hype: The danger of letting the gaming industry curate its own history”, and I would appreciate any reply, comment or feedback on it, as it’s part of my motivation to work on this book.

Now, back to editing reviews! I’m terribly late on some… sorry!


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