Update 5: 20.000 Downloads on Earth

Last book update I posted was back in January 23, when I celebrated reaching 12.000 downloads of the book’s 100-page preview. A month and a half have passed since, and I’m very happy to share that we reached 20.000 downloads yesterday:


I guess we must be doing something right!

Work on the book is progressing nicely, with a steady flow of new reviews arriving. It’s becoming quite bulky as well, I recently made a 200-page sample that is very gratifying to flip through. It’s so amazing to see things taking form like this. There’s still a way to go, with various essential games lacking reviews, but we’re getting there!

I’ve added a few more reviews to the Review Index page, including classics such as Dungeon Master, Ultima, Gothic, Diablo, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines and Darklands. These are web versions, I’ve also been posting new layouted book pages regularly on my twitter account: @felipepepe

Whenever possible I try to find reviewers with a strong connection to the games, and in this case the Bloodlines review was written by one of its oldest & most active modders, Wesp5, and the Darklands review was written by the awesome couple at Whalenought Studios, responsible for the upcoming old-school RPG, Serpents in Staglands. Just check their latest trailer:

Thanks everyone for the support, hope to have some exciting stuff to show next month! 🙂


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