Update 10 – Welcome to the machines

Another month, another update! Some may have noticed that I’ve posted few reviews this past month on my twitter account. There are two reasons for that:

First, it was a busy month. I’m a freelance video-editor & teacher, so my routine changes a lot. Some weeks I mostly derp around & work on the book (awesome!), while others I endure crazy work hours in the basement of evil ad agencies (not awesome!). This month was mostly the later. Brazil is in a tough economical crisis and I’m in no position to refute work. :/

Second, I’m focusing now on a different part of the book: the hardware session!


To us who grew up with these machines, things like a floppy disks, VGA/EGA and MS-DOS are fairly obvious. But those under 20 certainly don’t feel the same. So if we want to talk about old games, I think it’s important to also talk about the computers in which those were played, showing some machines, screenshots, specs and that yes, games where sold in cassette tapes.

It’s tough work. Consoles are easily divided into 8 generations and are mostly constant trough their life-time. Explaining the Apple II family or what the hell is an IBM-Compatible isn’t as easy, and I have to avoid long rants on things like MIDI cards and AdLib, but we’re getting there…

Luckily there’s some nice releases to keep people busy while in the meanwhile, such as Fallout 4 Age of Decadence, a hardcore RPG by the good folk at Iron Tower Studios:

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you already know about it, but there’s no harm in showing this brilliantly edited trailer video again. 😉


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