Update 13 – Quick news

I’ve decided to release a 350-page preview before I depart to Japan in July.

Now that the book is nearing its end, progress becomes a bit slower, as I must hunt reviewers for more obscure games or play them myself. (Also, I’ve been freelancing A LOT to get monies for the trip). And since I’m not sure how things will play out in Japan, it’s a good idea to release a new preview to keep the ball rolling.

In other news, I’ve recently did a Gamasutra article on the history of the Quest Compass.

I really enjoy looking into gaming history and trying to see where things came from and how they evolved, so I might do another of those on RPG dialog systems… we’ll see.

I’ll keep in touch, cheers!


6 thoughts on “Update 13 – Quick news

  1. Hey Felipe,

    Its been a while. Thats some great stuff. 🙂

    I don’t know exactly when you will be there but every fortnight 8-4, Shibuya-based VG translation company, makes a gaming podcast. They like to have guests and I’m sure they might be interested on having a chat (to at least discuss the “differences” between JPRG and CRPG) with you about your project. Send me an email if you are game since I interned there.

    tschüss !



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