Update 14 – The fourth release!

It’s here! – CRPG Book Preview 4

This is the fourth public “alpha” of the CRPG Book Project, now reaching 350 pages!
Finding volunteers becomes increasingly harder as we advance, so it was expected for the flow of reviews to get slower and releases become smaller as we approach the finish line.

Still, this release brings 50 pages of new reviews – pushing us over 200 reviews! The new additions range from absolute classics such as Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment, Daggerfall and Ultima Underworld; to hidden gems like The Summoning, Omikron, ZanZarah, TRON 2.0 and Dink Smallwood; to more dubious honors, such as Descent to Undermountain, Gothic 4 and Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Draennor (yeah, the game that erases Windows).

Two big changes were made – the historical context pages were momentarily removed until I re-write them (it’s hard to find reliable data on the 80’s & 90’s gaming industry), and the fan-translation section was expanded. Games like Chinese Paladin, Legend of Cao Cao and Labyrinth of Touhou are extremely interesting games, and having them crammed into simple half-page reviews was underselling them, so now they have a full page each.

This will also be my last release from Brazil, as I’ll be moving to Japan in the end of the month. There will naturally be a short down time until I adapt there and get my bearings, but fear not – the CRPG Book Project will continue no matter what. I’m too stubborn and too deep in to stop now. 😉

Once again, there are many more games that still need to be reviewed, so if you’re interested in helping, please e-mail us: crpgbook@gmail.com

PS: On June 18th I’ll be appearing as a guest on Shane Plays radio show, talking about the book. You can hear it live here  at 1:05 PM Central, or check it later on Youtube.


3 thoughts on “Update 14 – The fourth release!

  1. Hello, your work is so amazing, and make me shock and thrill, I am diving into the history of RPG through your reviews, i can not help myself to get it out:)
    Also the article format is so gorgeous, very appreciate your work!


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