Update 15 – Closer to the End

Hey, been a while since my last update, so here’s some news:

The book’s master file sitting on my PC is currently 420 pages long, so a lot of progress was made since last time. This includes about 30 new reviews, a glossary, more unreleased games, fan-translations and even a brief 4-page primer on the origins of JRPGs:


Those who follow me on twitter probably saw it, but I’ve wrote an extensive article on the origins of JRPGs for Gamasutra, and this section is an abridged version of that article.

More will likely follow, as I plan to use this format to create a brief timeline giving readers some context on what was going on with JRPGs and MMORPGs (possibly tabletop RPGs too) in parallel with the main CRPG timeline.

Other improvements include updating old reviews, re-doing unsatisfying ones, adding hyperlinks and FINALLY making sure font sizes are consistent throughout the book. As usual, I intend to post the next release by December – and it will likely be the final “preview”.

Yes, I’m quite confident that in 2017 the book will finally be concluded! 😀

So I’m looking to tie loose knots. One of those is the hardware section, briefly explaining to younger readers what weird names like “Commodore 64” and “Spectrum ZX” mean:


I’m really not qualified to talk about tech, so I’m looking for old hardware enthusiasts and experts to help with this. If you’re one – or know anyone who is – please let me know. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Update 15 – Closer to the End

    • Seriously? I never even heard of anyone enjoying it, it’s usually only remembered for inspiring The Elder Scrolls series and having that quite questionable marketing…

      Why did you enjoy it?


  1. Because it was the first RPG that I ever played, I guess this may not be a good enough reason for you, but it is for me. 🙂


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