Update 25 – You can buy the book now! :D

Finally, the physical, hardcover version of CRPG Book is on sale!

It will ship in March, you can pre-order it here: https://www.bitmapbooks.co.uk/collections/all/products/the-crpg-book-a-guide-to-computer-role-playing-games

As a reminder, this is still a non-profit project, ALL the money I would make from this will be donated to Vocação, an NGO that helps young people in poor areas of Brazil.

Also, as a treat, here’s the book’s full cover art, done by Jan Pospíšil:


(Here for higher resolution)

It’s included as a poster in the Collector’s Edition of the book. Both editions are limited, my contract is that I get the rights over the book back and can distribute the updated free PDF once it becomes sold out – or after a certain time has passed.

Thanks again to everyone who helped made this possible!

20 thoughts on “Update 25 – You can buy the book now! :D

  1. Just preordered the Standard-Edition. I just love your project, I already read most of the pdf, but such a great work deserves a place in my bookshelf. Thank you for your dedication, the CRPG-Book is a shining and massive monument for the genre. 🙂

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  2. Been watching this project since you started posting about it on message boards many many years ago. So happy to see it come to fruition! You should be very proud. Well done, Felipe!

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  3. March is pretty much over. Nothing has shipped yet or at least nobody emailed me about it. I just got a confirmation mail for my order.


  4. I’ve got the hard book version as a birthday present but I’m curious to see a pic of the limited version (I know it’s sold out, but I’m just curious). Is there any places where I can see it? 🙂


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