Update 26 – Three great news!

I’m back with three wonderful news:

  • The hardcover book raised £12.475! All this money is being donated to Vocação, a NGO in Brazil that helps children and teenagers in poor communities get access to better education. It’s a lot of money, equivalent to 64 minimum wages in Brazil!
  • The updated & proofread PDF of the book is freely available for download again! It has everything added to the hardcover version, plus hyperlinks and bookmarks, and you can download it and share it as much as you want! Grab it HERE.
  • But, if you still want a hardcover version, we’re making a limited reprint! Same rules, all my profits go to charity, and it should be out in July. You can sign in for it at Bitmap Books website: https://t.co/kMmfzYdaLU

Thanks again everyone who helped & bought the book! It has been wonderful to see so many people enjoying it, and to see all that money helping others. 🙂

EDIT: Some people asked for PDF in higher quality, so here’s a HQ Version.

15 thoughts on “Update 26 – Three great news!

  1. But I have one question regarding the book. A week ago I received a mail stating that a book was damaged and has scratches on its cover. I either had to wait till July or to agree to receive the damaged one. I chose to wait.

    Did everyone get this mail? Because I see people online that have already received their books and it is in perfect condition. No scratches whatsoever. Was it a single batch which had this issue, and the rest are fine?



  2. I just wanted to say that I admire your stance on non-profit approach and while I did download the 2.0 HQ copy in PDF, I will also be paying for a reprint with Bitmap Books as soon as it gets published.


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