Update 27 – One year later…

After almost one year of silence, I’m back with two updates:

  • First, Bitmap Books and I just did the second donation of royalties from the CRPG Book to the NGO Vocação: £5,998 pounds (33,096 Brazilian reais). This brings us to a total of £18,473 pounds donated, or 91,100 reais! And we have the receipts:
  • Second, I’m now updating the CRPG Book, adding games from 2016-2019, plus a few other goodies. Work just began, there’s no release date and I don’t know if we’ll be able to make a hardcover version again – but the original one is still on sale.

    If you want to help with a review or suggestions, you can find the list of games we are adding HERE, as well as my email for contact.

As always, thanks everyone for the support! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Update 27 – One year later…

  1. Why update? Make a second Volume! That way people who already bought the book will be able to enjoy it without regret about buying it before the updates.


  2. Just make a second volume and consider crowdfund it for a print version when it’s big enough 🙂


  3. I just bought the book.
    It way better from what i expected.
    Great quality, binding, paper and amazing writting.
    An absolute must for every RPG fan.
    Its not that difficult to publish a second volume… in 2040 and assuming that the revival of old school rpgs will last long enough to produce a few tenths of games by then
    Keep up the terrific work!


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