Update 29 – The expanded edition is released!

The CRPG Book Expanded Edition brings 156 pages extra pages, 56 new game reviews, several new articles, a lot of revised content and a glorious cover art gallery! The total: 685 pages!  You can freely download it here: DOWNLOAD THE CRPG BOOK PDF The road so far Eight years. It’s been now eight years since … Continue reading Update 29 – The expanded edition is released!

Update 28 – Three years later

It's been now a bit over 3 years since the CRPG Book was released as a PDF, back in February 2018. In this time, the PDF had over 160,000 downloads, while the hardcover book sold out and raised £18,473 for charity. I'm extremely happy with how things turned out, Bitmap Books even asked for a … Continue reading Update 28 – Three years later