About the Project

The CRPG Book Project is a collaborative, non-profit effort to create a free, easily available ebook on the history of Computer Role-Playing Games.

Our goal is to gather all the knowledge currently spread across countless websites, books, forums and minds in a single, accessible and visually pleasing tome – for free. We share the Internet Archive’s belief that “access drives preservation”, so we want to demystify gaming history, offering a reliable and attractive resource for people seeking information – or just a fun game to play.

The project began in May 2014, after the RPG Codex published its Top 70 PC RPGs list, featuring small fan reviews on each game. The reception was overwhelming, so came the idea of expanding the list into a full-blown book, covering the entire CRPG history.

For this we are reviewing over 300 games from 1975 to 2015, while also providing articles on the genre, mod suggestions and hints on how to run games on modern hardware. All written by fans, AAA developers, indies, journalists, modders and industry personalities such as Chris Avellone, Ian Frazier, Scorpia, Ferhegón, Richard Cobbett, Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green, Durante, George Weidman and Tim Cain, among others.

When completed, the book will offer:

  • Over 300 games being reviewed through about 480 pages.
  • Comprehensive chronological listing, from 70’s mainframe games, such as Avatar and dnd, to the latest releases (UPDATE: we’re cutting off at 2015).
  • Longer and passionately written reviews, accompanied by big screenshots, developer quotes, curiosities, tips on common issues and recommended mods.
  • In-depth articles about the genre, the changes through the decades, fan-translations  and related genres, such as MMORPG’s and MUDs.
  • 100% free, downloadable as a cute .pdf, with bookmarks, hyper-links and all that.
  • Planned to also be later crowdfunded into a physical release, sold at cost price.

We’ve already released four previews – the first with 100 pages , the second with 200 , the third with 300  and the latest one with 350 – and plan to keep doing so until the entire book is completed. These also serve as “beta test” – we use the collected feedback and criticism to make the book as best as we can.

Currently we are:
– Recruiting extraordinary ladies and gentlemen to write reviews & some articles. You don’t have to be a famous developer or a hardcore player that finished all Wizardry games – if you feel confident on writing about a certain game or subject, just e-mail us.

How you can help:
– Volunteer to review a unassigned game from this list;
– Suggest games that you think should be reviewed;
– Suggest interesting content that should be in, as well as people that could be contacted;
– Criticize everything. Every feedback is useful!

Any doubts or suggestion, feel free to contact our editor, Felipe Pepe, via twitter or email.
Thank you very much for your interest and for any help that you can provide.


18 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. “– Recruiting extraordinary gentlemen”
    Bad phrasing. Include women too.

    Btw, noticed the 200-page sample misspelled “John Romero” as “Jon Romero” at one point.


  2. Even though I like the “Non-Profit” sentiment I’d love to have a hardback copy of this. I’ll probably going to print it through one of the online retailers who specialise on that.


      • I intended to wait for the final version before printing but I’ll gladly support a Kickstarter instead!

        CRPG’s are an important part of my life and I cherish the many, many memories your book evokes.


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