About the Project

The CRPG Book Project is a collaborative, non-profit effort to create a free, easily available ebook on the history of Computer Role-Playing Games.

Our goal is to gather all the knowledge currently spread across countless websites, books, forums and minds in a single, accessible and visually pleasing tome – for free. We share the Internet Archive’s belief that “access drives preservation”, so we want to demystify gaming history, offering a reliable and attractive resource for people seeking information – or just a fun game to play.

For any enquiries, feel free to contact our editor, Felipe Pepe, via Twitter or email.


The project began in 2014 after the RPG Codex published a Top 70 PC RPGs list, featuring small fan reviews on each game. The reception was overwhelming, leading to the idea of expanding the list into a book, covering the entire CRPG history.

The completed ebook was first released as a free PDF in 2018, getting over 100,000 downloads. A deal was then made with Bitmap Books, which published a limited hardcover version of the book in 2019. All the author’s profits (£20.992 as of January 2022) were donated to Vocação, a Brazilian NGO that helps kids and teenagers from poor areas to get a better education and find employment.

In 2022, a new expanded edition was released, now with 160 extra pages, addressing issues with the previous release and expanding it to include games that were never released in English.


  • The expanded edition contains 680 pages, talking about over 400 games from 1975 to 2019.
  • Several articles on the history of the genre and some particular scenes, such as French, Korean and Chinese RPGs, MMORPGs, RPG Maker games and fan-translations. 
  • Developer quotes, mod suggestions, trivia and tips on how to run games on modern hardware.
  • Over 2,000 game screenshots, plus a cover art gallery.
  • Written by 151 volunteers – fans, AAA developers, indies, journalists, modders and industry personalities such as Ian Frazier, Scorpia, Ferhegón, Richard Cobbett, Mandalore, Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green, Durante, George Weidman, Chris Avellone and Tim Cain, among others.
  • Entirely free and non-profit, with another volunteer group currently making a Chinese translation.

Selected articles

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24 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. “– Recruiting extraordinary gentlemen”
    Bad phrasing. Include women too.

    Btw, noticed the 200-page sample misspelled “John Romero” as “Jon Romero” at one point.


  2. Even though I like the “Non-Profit” sentiment I’d love to have a hardback copy of this. I’ll probably going to print it through one of the online retailers who specialise on that.


    • You should wait for the project to be finished, we’ll crowdfund a hardcover edition. 😉
      Also, the preview is in low resolution, printing it would be weird. :/


      • I intended to wait for the final version before printing but I’ll gladly support a Kickstarter instead!

        CRPG’s are an important part of my life and I cherish the many, many memories your book evokes.


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    • also Knightmare for the AMIGA, there two games with that name, one of them is a hardcode dungeoncrawler with a 4 player party that can have goblins and ghouls in the party.


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