Update 17 – The Final Preview!

It’s finally here! I present you our fifth release, the 450-page preview of the CRPG Book!


This will be the last “alpha preview”, as the book is very close to be completed. The big updates here are the computer history timeline, which is finally completed, and the addition of hyperlinks and .pdf bookmarks – perhaps our most requested feature.

I’ve also added new articles on the history of JRPGs, difference between ports, cancelled RPGs and a FAQ to beginners. Plus dozens of new reviews – Dwarf Fortress, Mass Effect 3, Pillars of Eternity, Ultima VII, Wizardry VII, Planescape: Torment and many more…

Sadly, the pace of new review in the past months has been extremely slow, so if you’re interested in writing a review for the CRPG Book, please do so! We could use the help!

In other news, if you somehow missed it I’ve created a Flickr account in December to hold screenshots taken while creating the book – as well as some from the CRPG Addict. It currently holds over 18,000 images in .png,  neatly organized in albums:


You can access it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crpgbook/albums

Feel free to use them as you like, and if there’s any screenshots of your own you would like to submit to the gallery, just e-mail them to me. Cheers!


32 thoughts on “Update 17 – The Final Preview!

  1. […] 2015年末に300ページ規模のアルファ版第3弾プレビューをご紹介したコンピューターRPGの包括的なデジタルブック「CRPG Book」ですが、先日最後のアルファプレビューとなる第5版がリリースされ、目次やオンラインソースのハイパーリンクやブックマーク機能を備えたPDFが公式サイトから入手可能となりました。 […]


  2. […] 2015年末に300ページ規模のアルファ版第3弾プレビューをご紹介したコンピューターRPGの包括的なデジタルブック「CRPG Book」ですが、先日最後のアルファプレビューとなる第5版がリリースされ、目次やオンラインソースのハイパーリンクやブックマーク機能を備えたPDFが公式サイトから入手可能となりました。 […]


  3. page 161 talks about Fallout 2 in a caption for a picture even though the page is about Exile: Escape from the Pit.


  4. There are a lot of famous japanese Master System and MSX titles missing. A few come to mind at once: Golvellius, The Maze of Galious, Miracle Warriors, the sequels to Phantasy Star (which is an esteemed and highly defining title in the genre).


    • The book is for CRPGs, so no Master System games. And while they had versions for the MSX, there are mostly Japanese-only releases, so outside the scope of the book.


  5. In “Shadow Caster” review you have mentioned that Raven Software RGP adventure started with the “Black Crypt” for the Amiga, yet there’s no “Black Crypt” included in your book. What’s the reason for this omission? If it’s legal, then fear not; you can obtain it legally from this address: http://www.ppa.pl/rodzynki/black-crypt.html (with official Raven Software permission) and play it using WinUAE or FS-UAE emulator.

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    • It’s a matter of page count… we can’t add every single RPG out there, and while Black Crypt is a great looking dungeon-crawler, it has no real innovation or unique qualities.

      As such, it’s hard to justify including it over more interesting titles. :/


      • Fair enough. I just feel extra nostalgic about “Black Crypt” because it was my first legally obtained game. Although now I know, it wasn’t the most innovative game, it aged much better than the original “Dungeon Master” in my opinion.


  6. You really need an editor to go through this. It’s rife with typos and punctuation errors. If you intend to crowdfund people will only support a top-notch production. Getting review writers on board is good, but do you have anyone editing?


    • I’m not a native English speaker, I’m aware of the frequent errors. But content is still constantly being changed, so I’m waiting for everything to be done to start proofreading.


  7. On page 45, in the timeline at the bottom of that page it says “The Genesis / Master System…” when it should be “The Genesis / Mega Drive System…”


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