Update 16 – Over 9.000 screenshot gallery!

Today, I have a surprise: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crpgbook/albums

An annoying issue when talking about old RPGs is getting good screenshots for them. MobyGames is great, but some really rare games have very few images, usually only from the first area, and sometimes they are compressed in .jpeg.

So since I began this project 3 years ago, I’ve been taking .png screenshots of very single RPG I’ve played. They are currently just over 10.000 images, including stuff I never saw before in screenshots, like a multiplayer round of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

All this is now being uploaded to Flickr for anyone who wish to use or browse them. 🙂

Meanwhile,work on the book continues. I want to release the new preview right after Christmas, but I’m not sure I’ll make it, so no promises… regardless, happy holidays! 😀

Update: I since got authorization from the CRPG Addict to upload his screenshots as well, pushing us just over 16,000 images!


8 thoughts on “Update 16 – Over 9.000 screenshot gallery!

  1. If you’re interested in adding to the list here are some titles to research:

    Captain Magneto (hint: old Apple Mac game)
    Dungeon of Doom (hint: old Apple Mac game)


  2. Hello,

    just found this site and I think that Silversword does well deserve an entry in your book, don’t you think? It’s the closest approach to the original Bard’s Tale series on mobile devices (at least iOS).

    Kind regards


  3. For all of your talk about how the history of games and specifically CRPGs is being forgotten I find it quite funny how superficial and limited this book is. Really it is not much better than putting Mobygames into book form, probably worse given the poor quality of writing in the book.


    • The world’s most important database of video games in book form is good enough for me, thanks. But the book also offers articles, mod suggestions, tips on running the games, an industry timeline, etc…


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